David Hill Chief Executive Bio

David hill Chief Executive


David Hill Chief ExectiveDavid Hill is a prolific web designer. Based in Oxfordshire, he has been in the web design field for quite some time now. As such, he makes it his goal to not only hone his technical skills and sharpen his non-technical ones to stay in the game. He also understands very well how important it is for him to evolve with how web design has changed over time.

David started out as a print and graphic designer before working with chief executives. With the design world changing over the years, this also led to him changing his skill set to keep up with the demand. He understands how crucial it is for him to properly grasp the elements in the proper design process as he believes that a multi-disciplined approach is critical in order to come up with an output that will go above and beyond client expectations.

Our founder, David Hill finds pleasure in working with start-up companies. This is mainly due to the fact that he has been in their shoes before and he understands very well how important it is for them to find the right look, design, and function on their websites to gain a better and more stable footing in the digital platform. He finds it especially motivating to help start-ups build their vision and work with them not only on a professional but also a personal level.

David Hill has years of client and agency side experience in the web design field. This means that he has had the chance to work with CEOs from around the world. He is always mindful to approach the very job the same way regardless of how big or small it is- with professionalism. Chief Executives demand the best. David Hill gives it to them.

Always known to lend a hand to any project that piques his interest, he is always on the lookout for the next exciting job that he can use his web designing skills on.