David hill Chief Executive


Web design services

As a web designer, David believes how important it is to come up with an output with the customer always in mind. There is more to modern web design than creating a website that looks good. Among the things that should always be kept in mind are user experience, ease of use, search engine optimisation, as well as all the necessary technical details to make it more than just eye-candy.

The services we provide focus on outputs that will facilitate business growth. We understand how crucial it is for websites to function right and to look attractive at the same time. The digital solutions that we extend to our clients are geared towards responsive design, usability, and creative branding while injecting the necessary personality to your company. Ideas are also customised to make it easy for your brand to really stand out in such a very competitive marketplace.

Whether you need help in setting up a simple website on WordPress or you need assistance with a more complicated setup, you can trust that we will bring your ideas to life.

Website building for chief executives
We understand how important it is for chief executives, founders, and other senior company officers to maintain a good online profile, so making sure that they claim their name with a website is an essential step in achieving that.

This service is aimed towards microsite creation to help build authority online. This also includes the creation of new profile pages on company sites. In addition, industry blogs are set up to not only help boost a company’s online presence, but to also make sure that they can become an authority

Social media for chief executives
Establishing an online presence for chief executives is increasingly important in this digital age. This allows them to connect with investors, clients, partners, stakeholders, and consumers in a wider and a more impactful way. This service includes setting up social media accounts for chief executives and managing them. This also includes blogging on their behalf to keep their followers up to date. In addition, boosting them with their fans is also part of the package, along with uploading new video content to keep their fans and followers up to speed on where things stand

Profile boosting for chief executives
Establishing an online presence means making sure that all the positive content about you are pushed to the top. Chief executives hold such critical positions not only in making sure that they run their respective companies right, but also because their name is attached to the brand. Ensuring that their online presence is properly cultivated is necessary to keep their respective companies in the limelight and for the right reasons too.

This service is specifically aimed at promoting existing news stories about them online. Making sure that mentions of their name online are promoted is also key in making sure that they rise up amidst the tight competition that the online platform presents.

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